A lot of people like the idea of making blogging a two way street. That’s why they have comments. But that’s also why they post their email address often accompanied by the encouragement “Email me”. Ironically, some of those people get annoyed when you actually do email them.

It’s good to provide a way for people to contact you beyond comments. Unfortunately just simply putting your email address on your blog means it can then be harvested by spam spiders. It’s better to make it harder for spammers to get it. Some people like to use HTML to disguise the email address, like coding it as “name<!– ignore this –>@domain<!– ignore this –>.com” (which would be rendered by the browser as name@domain.com.

There are a lot of sites that will create an email image for you…the trouble being, will they create the image, then sell your email address to spammers. You can always use photoshop, or some other graphics program and make your own email image, but not everyone has access to those.

To make it easy I’ll provide one here. I have no interest in collecting email addresses, and any you enter in this file will be lost once the image is created…

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