More and more people are using their smart phones to access the internet, which obviously includes blogs. So it’s important to make sure your blog is mobile friendly.

When researching I was surprised to find that while WordPress had a nice selection of plugins, apps and other options for making blogs mobile friendly, Movable Type had very little. So for today we’ll just discuss WordPress, and maybe in the future I can outlines some options for Movable Type, which would probably require some behind the scenes scripting to work.

My mobile phone is an iPhone, so it’s tempting for me to assume everyone else has one, too. Be that as it may, there is a handy iPhone app,, for managing your WordPress blog via your iPhone.

The plugin I’ve found most useful is WPTouch. I just installed it here, and have used on several clients’ blogs. Unfortunately it only works for iPhones.

For other phones you’d need the WordPress Mobile Pack. It catches all the other types of phones (and both plugins can run simultaniously).

I’ll also note the iPhone Interface for Movable Type, which is a plugin you can install to allow you to manage your MT blog via your iPhone, but apparently doesn’t provide a mobile frontend for your MT blog.

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