It was tough finding the right plugins, because older plugins are still being promoted across the web, which may or may not be of any use. Some offered features which are now standard in the latest versions of WP. Some, apparently have been purchased by WP to be in corporated in later versions. But, here are the ones I found, which include many I’ve installed for clients.

1. WP-Optimize.  This is very handy in cleaning up the mess left from WPs database usage. It can optimize the tables as well as clean out unused drafts. I’ve installed this on clinets’ web sites.

2. WP to Twitter. This one will tweet your latest post to Twitter, but will require your Twitter login and has an optional API function that would also require that API key. I haven’t tried it, but was considering writing one that did this, so its usefulness is obvious.

3. Sociable. Until I’m able to package up the social links I did for some clients, this would probably be the next best thing.

4. WP-FacebookConnect. I haven’t tried this, and apparently no one else has and verified that it works. It’s obviously needed, and is the only one I could find. I have clients asking for this functionality, so I’ll be testing it, and if it doesn’t will need to build one.

5. Facebook Dashboard Widget. Also a handy one, if it works.

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